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Pony Tail Holder!
Your napkin ring is multi-functional!
Smithsonian Necklace
I took the Smithsonian pendant and "amped" it up with some tribal beads.
Smithsonian Pendant
Here's the pendant necklace that I designed for the Smithsonian.
VIP Dinner
The stainless napkin rings were chosen for Jackson's annual Old Bill's Fun Run Co-Challengers' dinner. Each guest was given a set of four as a thank you!
Before and After
A leaf napkin ring before the patina is applied (right) and while it's "cooking" (left).
Four Seasons Dinner
My rusted napkin rings used at an Italian dinner event at the Four Seasons Hotel in Jackson Hole.
Antler, feather, & bead steak brands
Whether you choose to display the steak brand in your home, or keep it in the kitchen to "make your mark," these things are awesome!
And did I mention these also have a buffalo tooth on them?
Make your mark!
Stainless steel is a great heat conductor, so you can leave your mark on a steak ... or a zucchini!
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    Pony Tail Holder!

    Your napkin ring is multi-functional!