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Services & Pricing

I thought long and hard about how to bundle the services I can offer you, but if you're anything like me, your life doesn't always come in a neat little always-the-same package.  
Or at least not all the time.  So what I decided to do instead was offer services by the hour instead of the task to provide more value to you.  Depending on what needs to be done, I can typically accomplish multiple tasks or errands in an incredibly efficient time frame.  And let's face it; somedays you may need an hour of help, and other days you may need five hours.  Either way, my goal is to provide you with the most cost-effective way to get all the "stuff" done that needs to be done, so you can then go do some of the things that brought you here in the first place.


Here are three options that will hopefully fit your needs.  Don't see what you'd like?  Let's sit down and tailor something just for you.


Basic Plan

10 hour block 

Choose from options such as stocking the fridge, checking for frozen pipes, flushing toilets, turning the heat or AC on prior to arrival, coordinating repair service -- the list goes on!  Good for people who need a few things done on a regular monthly basis.


Hours expire after 30 days

Advanced Plan

20 hour block

But maybe you need a few more things done, either on a regular basis because you won't be back in Jackson for several months, or because you have several upcoming visits by family and friends.  Gift baskets need to be created, tents and tables need to be rented, and recreational activities need to be set up.  Whatever it is, we'll figure it out together so you can enjoy entertaining your friends and not worrying about the details. 


Hours expire after 60 days

Custom Plan

Designed for Your Needs

You're here for a long weekend or maybe for a week or two.  There's not a lot that needs to be done, but you could sure use a second set of hands.  Whether it's running some errands around town, picking up some more food, waiting for the cable guy to show up, or helping to stage your home for a sale, let me take some of the I'm-pressed-for-time stress off your shoulders.

$60 / hour

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