Frequently Asked Questions

What are the silver pieces made of?   The shiny ones are made of stainless steel.  The edges have been ground down and then the entire piece gets polished to show off the natural beauty of the metal.  And, unlike sterling silver or certain other metals, it never needs to be polished because it doesn't tarnish!

What are the rusted ones made of?  The rusted ones are made of what's called "mild steel."  It's normal, regular steel and will rust if left untreated.  What we've done here is grind these down to get rid of any irregularities, then heat them and apply a permanent chemical patina, followed by washing them and then sealing them with a clear-coat.  Because of the heating process and chemical used, each one will have a slightly different patina which adds to their beauty.

What if I want a color?  No problem!  Those can be powder-coated in a multitude of colors (look at the red, yellow, blue, and green key rings as examples.)  These are made with mild steel, not stainless.  And what a great way to use your wedding or company colors to get something truly personal!

I'm getting married and want something special for my bridesmaids/groomsmen.  What would you suggest?

I'm so glad you asked!  Gentlemen, do your buddies really need another flask?  Why don't you give them something that they'll actually use more than once:  a Teton belt buckle or a key ring would be perfect!  They'll have a great reminder of their trip to Jackson Hole, and will always remember the special occasion that brought them here.  And ladies, your bridesmaids would love to get a curved napkin ring -- it's really a 4-in-1 present:  it can be a napkin ring, a scarf ring, a cuff bracelet, and even a ponytail holder!  Or the flat ones can be a napkin ring, pendant necklace and tree ornament.  You can either go with the classic "Jackson Hole" ribbon or get one personalized especially for you!

We're hosting a corporate event out there and don't want the usual cheap swag.  I understand.  We've all got boxes of the stuff lying around.  We can go either with the Teton design or possibly incorporate your logo/company colors/etc. in the piece.  Let's talk and get some ideas going!

How do I take care of my pieces?  Great news -- you don't have to do anything!  The stainless pieces won't tarnish so there's no polishing to do, and the rust pieces have a permanent patina on them.  (And they'll even make it unscathed if you happen to mistakenly throw them in the washing machine.  Just sayin'!)  And the colored ones are powder-coated, so the same rules apply with those.  Just love them and they'll last several lifetimes!

How long does it take to get a custom piece done?  Good question.  It really depends on the design, which metal you're using, what finish you want, and how many you'll be ordering.  As a rule of thumb, I'd plan on at least 10-12 weeks, but we'll know more once we get those variables decided.

How do I go about designing and ordering a custom piece?  For  custom orders, either call or email me directly.  After we talk and decide on what you want, we'll get the process started.  We'll need a 50% non-refundable deposit on any custom order.

How can I pay for these?  We can easily do it over the phone with Square!  Quick and easy.

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